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Santos Dumont
Brazil’s tough decision on airport concessions

Brazil sorely needs a strategy for its future airport concessions but the choice will not be easy. Although past concessions have brought visible improvements to the airports, there have also been plenty of problems. What are the lessons and how can Brazil model future airport...

can Brazil’s airports handle an Olympic-sized surge?

The Olympics are a big event. Brazil will see a huge surge with millions of travellers when the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games hit Rio this August-September. Then there are the aviation security measures necessitated by this high-profile event. How will Brazil’s airports address demand...

A New Managing Director For To70 Brasil

Vitor De Marchi is appointed Managing Director of To70 Brasil. Vitor has solid background in Aerospace Engineering and Project Management, with extensive experience in consulting, working with multi-disciplinary teams in providing solutions for market-leading companies in Brasil, his home country. [blockquote text="I am very excited to be...