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Lamia crash: a reminder on everyone’s role in flight safety

Bolivian charter flight LaMia 2399 crashed short of the runway in Colombia on 28 November, turning a Brazilian underdog dream of a football championship into tragedy as 71 players, journalists and crew died. For the aviation industry, the crash has prompted discussion about flight safety...

Departure Lounge
Extended Arrival Manager: tackling cross-border issues

Important progress is being made on solving technical issues associated with the idea of extending the horizons of arrival management systems across Europe. But the ultimate success of the project depends in large part on also addressing the financial and legislative challenges of cross-border arrival...

Enhancing ground infrastructure to handle 50,000 more flights

When a busy main-port airport in a busy city in a busy country needs to handle large medium-term growth expectations, how do you make that happen? Major airport expansion isn’t an option, obviously. But there are other ways to grow without getting bigger. Growth impact Significant growth...

Changing the environmental impact of aviation: evolution over revolution

Earlier this month, the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) member states ratified the Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). This scheme takes effect in 2021, and even then, it is voluntary until 2027. Not exactly a swift ‘green’ revolution. Why so...

Gateway to China: old rules don’t apply

The market in China for advanced aviation technologies from Europe is booming. But don’t think you can just send over a company sales rep. In China these days, it’s all about joint ventures and minority shareholders. So what are the new rules? China's aviation boom In China’s...

Is airline investment good for airports?

Thailand’s biggest low-cost carrier, Thai AirAsia, recently offered to invest in a new terminal at low-cost carrier hub Don Mueang International Airport. With an expansion plan already in place, the airport’s operator, Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT), declined the offer. But the move...

Becoming an aviation consultant

Hi, I’m Takeshi Hartono, learning the ropes as aviation consultant at To70 Australia. Six months ago, aviation was something completely new to me, but every day is a busy day at To70 and time has flown by lightning fast. Getting up to speed My background in mechanical...

A growing need for drone regulation

The use of unmanned aerial vehicle systems, or drones, is growing rapidly around the world. Busy skies and big cities inevitably create congestion, and more drones only exacerbate the issue. Without sufficient regulations from national CAAs, it could be an accident waiting to happen. The soaring...

Milan Malpensa under changeable weather conditions
How to use uncertainty to make better plans

If there’s one thing that’s certain in aviation, it’s uncertainty. What time will that plane arrive? What’s the weather forecast? Is runway capacity enough or will we have to stack? But uncertainty in aviation planning doesn’t have to be a limitation. Dealing with it can help...