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Fooling ourselves with digital transformation?

The term digital transformation gets tossed around a lot in the aviation industry these days. Digital is apparently the new normal. And the term is often applied to ‘plug-and-play’ tools from IT providers as a sales ploy, regardless of whether it is true. The idea...

Skills every aviation consultant needs

Even with my background and experience in the aviation industry, when I joined To70 in Singapore in 2017 as a Junior Aviation Consultant, the aviation consultancy business turned out to be a whole new world. Nine months into the job, each problem or issue the...

Global aviation growth calls for a more collaborative culture

As countries and economies continue to develop, demand for air travel shows no signs of stopping. The relentless demand and the strain it puts on airport and airspace capacity is pushing the global aviation industry out of its conservative – and relatively uncollaborative –  comfort...