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to70 is one of the world’s leading aviation consultants providing research and advisory services to the global aviation community.

to70 was founded in The Netherlands in 2000 and has since expanded with offices in Europe, Australia, Asia and Latin-America. Our clients include airports, airlines, governments and air navigation service providers. At to70 we believe that society’s demand for transport and mobility can be met in a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and economically viable manner. To achieve this, policy and business decisions have to be based on objective information. With our diverse team of specialists and generalists to70 provides pragmatic solutions and expert advice, based on high-quality data-driven analyses.

Mission: Enable aviation and society to cope with current and future challenges for airport and airspace operations, by delivering outstanding research and consultancy services, profitably.



It is quite a challenge to make sure that real estate projects and air traffic procedures are not conflicting. I translate regulations and flight safety guidelines into maps, 3D-models, GIS data and interactive applications to help policy makers, airport authorities and urban developers to solve this complex puzzle.

Jonas van Straaten

Senior Aviation Consultant

Air traffic is expected to increase in the future, making sure the current airspace is capable of handling this increment will be crucial. Providing expert advice and executing the necessary changes to the airspace design and airport infrastructure efficiently without compromising safety is my goal.

Radesh Nagaraj

Managing Director India

Madelyn joined To70 in 2018 after working several years for governmental bodies. She dives into aviation policy, laws and regulations for a variety of projects and knows how governmental processes run. Madelyn is also involved in more technical projects, such as aeronautical studies, CNS related projects and instrument flight procedure design.

Madelyn Bentvelzen

Aviation Consultant

With a background as commercial pilot, and a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology with additional research work at NASA, Xander has a broad knowledge of aviation from both a practical and theoretical point of view. The diversity of challenging projects, which benefit from this broad perspective, is what interested Xander in a job at To70.

Xander Mobertz

Aviation Consultant

I have been providing support for both the managing directors as well as the consultants with all of their administration queries. Furthermore, I am responsible for the project administration. I have also been involved in organizing the activities to support the great ambiance at our offices.

Nicoline Beunders

Office Management Netherlands

To70, I believe, is the perfect platform to put my theoretical knowledge into practise. With Indian aviation market experiencing tremendous growth and new airports under consideration, I wish to address critical issues of the Indian aviation market, which aims to be the third largest by 2020 and the largest by 2030.

Arjun Puttabakula

Managing Director India

Providing strategic advice and optimising the operation of airports around the world is what we do. After starting out in our Dutch office in 2004, I spent six years in Australia, working for all major airports and expanding our presence in Asia. Early 2015 I returned home to jointly manage our Dutch office and shape the global future of to70.

Ruud Ummels

Managing Director Netherlands

What is appealing to me at to70 is the diversity of projects and customers related to aviation. Currently I am working on projects related to PANS-OPS like Instrument Flight Procedure Design and aeronautical studies and projects related to data science and software development.

Haiyun Huang

Aviation Consultant

Prawit Otanalai

Aviation Consultant

An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory. I’ve brought along a career of 25+ years in airport operations to support our customers in implementing Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and operational performance reporting. Having ‘been there and done that’ since the early days of the concept allows me to tackle the real concerns of A-CDM implementation: culture change and stakeholder engagement.

Kris de Bolle

Senior Aviation Consultant

Desley Kemper is an Aviation Consultant for To70 since 2015, working at the Dutch and Australian To70 offices. At this moment, Desley is leading and supporting a variety of environmental, optimization and forecasting projects for airports and governmental bodies like Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Desley Kemper

Aviation Consultant

Wenjing Zhou

Managing Director China

After having worked for 11 years in the Dutch aviation industry and seeing the huge potential of the Colombian aviation industry, I decided to apply that knowledge and experience, together with that of the whole to70 team, in helping the Colombian aviation sector to cope with the challenges that come along with its growth.

Peter Gal

Managing Director Colombia

Phatcharaphong Mala

Aviation Consultant

Maarten Tielrooij is senior aviation consultant with a focus on Data Science and Air Traffic Management. With 8 years experience in operational ATM he is familiar with both current operations and concepts under development. He is an experienced user of programming software, modeling and simulation techniques, large databases, and statistical techniques.

Maarten Tielrooij

Senior Aviation Consultant

Since I started here, I contributed in projects related to noise modelling, third party risk assessments, fast-time-simulations studies and aeronautical studies. The projects at to70 are very diverse and challenging, which makes this job very interesting.

Vincent Bijsterbosch

Aviation Consultant

With a passion for logistic processes I find aviation intriguing. What I like the most about working at To70 is to achieve results in a team and the diversity of the projects. As an aviation consultant I have experience in safety studies, airspace design and A-CDM.

Karin Elbers

Aviation Consultant

Data visualisation and innovative proof-of-concepts are among the things I enjoy the most at work. I am not reluctant to touch Java, Tableau, Python or SQL to satisfy the customer’s needs and preferences.

René van den Berg

Aviation Consultant

Combining safety and efficiency in civil aviation is a key part of our work. With a passion for aviation and aviation safety, I have contributed to safety improvements for airlines and at airports in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Projects range from major hub airports to remote operations from dirt runways. When relaxing, I can be found in the artist’s studio, where I sculpt in stone.

Adrian Young

Senior Aviation Consultant

To me, the most exciting aspect of our work is being able to work closely with our clients, applying data analysis and expert knowledge to provide them with actionable insights, allowing them to make informed decisions. The results contribute to a more efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly future for aviation.

Vitor De Marchi

Managing Director Brasil

As a graduate intern at To70, I investigate to determine a methodology that allows airports to assess airlines based on their noise related performance. Due to the great diversity of knowledge and helpfulness of my colleagues within To70, I expect a fine end result.

Thijs Vendel

Graduate Intern

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