Air traffic management

The balance between growth, efficiency and environmental impact

Airspace users, air navigation service providers, airports and society in general demand the highest air traffic standards. Safety remains the main concern for air traffic service providers while at the same time increasingly higher standards in Air Traffic Management performance are implemented to accommodate growth, improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. This will require further investments in airport infrastructure and the introduction of new Air Traffic Management concepts and systems.

Our way

to70 delivers consulting and research services in Air Traffic Management to the aviation stakeholders. Our experts have many years of experience in ATC, AIS, ATS and PANS-OPS. They work alongside experts in operations research, big data, software engineering and simulation. In conducting the research into a new operational concept we make use of state-of-the-art simulation software, such as AirTOp. to70 also developed its own systems to collect, analyse and visualise air traffic operations.

Air traffic management

Our activities

  • Development of operational concepts (CONOPS)
  • Airspace- and airport design
  • Procedure design (PANS-OPS)
  • Provision of ATM support to stakeholders
  • Real-time and fast-time simulations
  • Performance analysis
  • Prototyping of ATM systems
  • Prescribed airspace
  • Obstacle analysis