Aviation policy

Governments’ aim

Governments generally aim for a competitive and sustainable aviation sector that contributes to a robust economy. Motivated by market liberalisation and intensifying competition, airlines are forming international alliances, and, at the same time, we see investors and airport operators enter foreign markets to participate in airport operations. To be competitive governments strive to preserve a level playing field. To have a sustainable aviation sector, governments need to protect public and private interests and facilitate the dialogue between the different stakeholders.

Our support

To70 supports federal, state and local governments with the analysis, development and review of aviation policy and regulations. Additionally, To70 has the proven experience to manage public consultation exercises, including the analysis and reporting of the received input.


Through years of experience for various clients in the world of aviation, our support is often the result of a combination of extensive knowledge on airport and airspace operations on the one hand and the assessment of environmental impact on the other hand.

Aviation policy
Aviation Policy

Our activities

  • Review of existing aviation policy and regulation
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Aviation papers
  • Development and implementation of new policies and guidelines
  • Process evaluation