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What’s that noise?

There has been some recent debate in the Netherlands about the aircraft noise exposure calculations used to set government regulatory policy. Community groups and experts alike have expressed concerns about the trustworthiness of aircraft noise calculations in general. As noise modelling is a big part...

A new noise calculation method for Schiphol Airport

The Dutch government is currently implementing the European “Standard Method of Computing Noise Contours Around Civil Airports” (ECAC Doc29). The implementation of the latest version of ECAC Doc29 was invigorated by a recent conclusion from The Netherlands commission for environmental assessments stating that the current...

Why ambient noise should be considered when assessing noise impact

Currently there’s an on-going debate about the expansion of airport capacity of London, and whether Gatwick or Heathrow should be expanded with an additional runway. Both options are controversial, as many people are likely to be affected by an increase of noise, traffic and pollution. It...

Obstacle Limitation Around Airports; why so Restrictive?
Obstacle limitation around airports; why so restrictive?

Real estate and housing developers, planners and wind energy companies face stringent height restrictions around airports. At first sight, these height restrictions seem disproportionate to the altitude of the aircraft that pass overhead. Also, the height of buildings away from the take-off and landing paths...