Author: Laphang Chung

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Continuous Temperature Screening: from Check-in to Arrival

Elementary school personal hygiene classes teach us to cover our mouth when we sneeze or cough and keep away from others (except the doctor) if we feel feverish. In reality though, how many of us still practise this diligently; and more importantly, how can we...

Pre-arrival screening – The new norm?

Yes, these are unprecedented times. Yes, we are in unchartered territory. Yes, we will bounce back from COVID-19 but make no mistake, this will be a protracted war. The world will be battling waves of viral outbreaks for at least the next 18-24 months before...

Airports and ATC: Same Team, Different Goalposts

Airport operations and air traffic control must work hand-in-hand to keep the airfield, and thus the entire airport, running smoothly. Nevertheless, these supposed close working partners in airport operations and safety may have very different priorities when it comes to efficiency optimisations. How, then, can...