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Trusting Machine Learning in the Aviation Industry

A lot of data is collected in aviation and airport operations that is useful for algorithms and machine learning. Big data techniques for analysis and forecasting could increase efficiency in any number of industry objectives. Can the conservative and safety-conscious aviation industry trust machine learning?...

Delay management: calculating late passengers into the system

A major source of unpredictability in air traffic management is passengers, specifically in the boarding process. Some experts estimate that 75% to 80% of delayed flights are due to passengers boarding late or not at all. The difficulty here is that those passengers are also...

Learning from other modes of transport

In the world of transportation, continuous innovation is taking place in virtually every mode. Ideas spread quickly, influencing other modes in different forms. Is this cross-pollination just being copy-pasted, or is it coupled with a culture of learning from the other sector’s experience? This is...

Milan Malpensa under changeable weather conditions
How to use uncertainty to make better plans

If there’s one thing that’s certain in aviation, it’s uncertainty. What time will that plane arrive? What’s the weather forecast? Is runway capacity enough or will we have to stack? But uncertainty in aviation planning doesn’t have to be a limitation. Dealing with it can help...