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To70’s take on the current and future aviation in India

As in many other countries, the pandemic has significantly impacted the civil aviation industry in India. Fast forward to almost one year later and the traffic is returning slowly and steadily, with the Government of India allowing domestic airlines to operate at 80% of pre-COVID...

Taking Airport Carbon Accreditation to a higher level

Despite the downturn in the aviation sector, the sector continues taking actions against the climate change. Since March this year 29 airports joined the program for the first time and a further 22 achieved new levels of accreditation. At the To70 offices around the globe,...

Airport Emergency Planning: The Challenge of Limited Resources

Emergency exercises at airports can be a daunting task of stakeholder engagement, logistics, and most importantly resource management. This is especially the case at regional airports where operations, particularly in a COVID-19 world, are at a minimum with key airport staff often forced to wear...

To70 invests in future of UK aviation

In early October I joined To70 to setup their UK office and build upon the long history of support already in the UK. In this blog I reflect on the first 6 weeks of the journey and in particular introduce how I now understand the...

Intersecting runways, from necessity to a prediction challenge.

Early aircraft took off from any sufficiently large field that allowed take-off into the wind. As aircraft became large and faster, runways were build in multiple directions. Nowadays, new airports only have parallel runways. We explore the development of runway configurations and their effect on...

The Future of Aviation

Since the early days of flight, when the first powered craft of fabric and wood wrestled its way free from the clutches of gravity, aviation as an industry has grown strong and capable. We have become a major player in the global economy. We have...