Fatigue Risk Management

Fatigue Risk Management – Research, Solutions and Training

The aviation experts of To70 work closely together with the fatigue and roster experts of Déhora consultancy group to perform research, to find solutions and/or to provide training in the field of managing fatigue risks for aviation authorities, airlines or air navigation service providers.

ICAO supports two distinct methods to manage fatigue:

Prescriptive approach

A prescriptive approach where regulations are provided that identify maximum work periods and minimum non-work periods for specific groups of aviation professionals. The limits are informed boundaries identified by the State, within which the ATS Provider or airline manages fatigue-related risks as part of their existing safety management processes.

Performance-based approach (FRMS approach)

A performance‐based approach (FRMS approach) is an approach that requires the ATS provider or airline to implement a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) that is approved by the State. The FRMS approach represents an opportunity for ATS providers or airlines to use advances in scientific knowledge to improve safety, use resources more efficiently and increase operational flexibility. FRMS is focused on managing the actual fatigue risk in the operations to which it applies (rather than addressing the predicted fatigue risk in general, which is the basis of prescriptive limits). FRMS has additional requirements to ensure a level of safety that is at least equivalent to that achieved by operating within the prescriptive limitations and considering fatigue as one of the risks to be managed using generic SMS processes.

For both methods, To70 and Déhora form an excellent combination to:

  • research fatigue risks in an organisation.
  • present solutions to implement fatigue risk management.
  • provide tailored fatigue training.

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