Developing your Airport Net Zero Carbon Roadmap

Climate action is one of the key priorities on the airport agendas.

Since 2008, Airports Council International (ACI) EUROPE and its members have been working to reduce their carbon emissions, supported by the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme. In June 2019, ACI EUROPE launched a Sustainability Strategy for Airports, the first-ever systematic approach to sustainability at airports and practical guidance on how to achieve it. As part of this Sustainability Strategy, European airports have committed, through ACI EUROPE, to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions for operations under their control by 2050 at the latest.

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, ACI EUROPE has reconfirmed its commitment at the second Aviation Sustainability Summit in May 2021 and even accelerated many of the Net Zero Carbon targets – more than 90 airports are already set to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2030. 

ACI EUROPE has decided to develop a guidance document and a repository to support the airports in developing their roadmap. To70 has supported ACI EUROPE in drafting this document and providing airports with guidance on preparing an actionable Net Zero Carbon roadmap in five easy steps.  This guidance material and a repository with public roadmaps are available on the ACI website.

Download the guidance document now

To70 is looking forward to contributing with its broad expertise on supporting airports in their exciting journey to Net Zero Carbon.



Airports Council International (ACI) EUROPE is the voice of Europe’s airports. It is a non-profit organisation whose prime purpose is to represent and lead the European airport industry and promote professional excellence in airport management and operations. ACI EUROPE represents the European region of ACI, the only worldwide professional association of airport operators. It means over 500 airports in 55 European countries. Air transport supports 13.5 million jobs, generating €886 billion in European economic activity (4.4% of GDP). In response to the Climate Emergency, in June 2019, members of ACI EUROPE committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions for operations under their control by 2050, without offsetting.

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