Flight Procedure Design Service

Flight procedure design is the process of creating and maintaining instrument flight procedures, which are used by aircraft flying in accordance with instrument flight rules. Instrument flight procedures are designed to facilitate safe and efficient operations, especially in low-visibility conditions and/or complex airspace.

To70 is certified under Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373 by the National Supervisory Authority the Netherlands to provide Flight Procedure Design (FPD) services. Our certificate allows us to design, document and validate instrument flight procedures intended for operational use. Our designs are conducted within the framework of ICAO and EASA regulations for instrument flight procedure design, and where needed will consider state differences.

We offer our FPD services worldwide from our office in the Netherlands.


The To70 flight procedure design team has a broad experience with the design, implementation and maintenance of (instrument) flight procedures, including conventional, PBN and PinS helicopter procedures.

Matthew Davidson

Technical Manager
Senior Flight Procedure Designer

Jonas van Straaten

Senior Flight Procedure Designer

Haiyun Huang

Senior Flight Procedure Designer

Eneko Rodriguez

Junior Flight Procedure Designer

Adrian Young

Safety Manager

Jeroen Timmers

Accountable Manager

Pieter Groskamp

Quality Manager


We can help you with:

Design, validation and maintenance of instrument flight procedures

Certified under Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373, we offer comprehensive support in the design, validation, and maintenance of instrument flight procedures. Our expertise includes Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) procedures, conventional procedures and PinS (Point-in-Space) helicopter procedures.

Feasibility studies & concept design

We specialize in conducting comprehensive feasibility studies to assess the viability of proposed aviation projects. Our expert team develops possible design concepts and evaluates key factors such as obstacle impact, route and network efficiency, flyability, regulatory compliance and environmental impact. By delivering in-depth analyses and insights, we help clients to make informed decisions and strategically plan their investments, ensuring successful project outcomes.

Aeronautical & safety studies

Aeronautical and safety studies evaluate how obstacles affect flight operations. Using ICAO guidelines, To70 determines safe obstacle height limits and recommends adjustments to flight procedures, ensuring construction without compromising safety.


A Concept of Operations (CONOPS) outlines planned airspace operations to meet strategic goals like safety and efficiency. To70 emphasizes thorough preparation and iterative refinement for successful CONOPS development. Our multidisciplinary teams assess ATC concepts and procedures for airports worldwide, striving for optimal solutions considering various factors.


To70 can provide training for junior Instrument Flight Procedure Designers. This is possible by having a distinct blend of expertise in seniority of our designers. Next to the designers, our team includes senior experts with operational backgrounds such as pilots and ATCOs, bringing yet another perspective to the training. In our FPD training methodology, To70 adheres to ICAO’s Doc 9906 Vol 2, outlining training standards for Instrument Flight Procedure Design.


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