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Welcome to the new to70 blog. This is our first post. We are very excited about this new way to share our ideas and insights. We hope to inspire the aviation community with our expertise and maybe help to find solutions for the various challenges the aviation industry is facing today.

Since the end of the global crisis aviation is growing again. The number of passengers and the tons of airfreight are increasing and as a result more planes are taking off from or landing on our airports every day. New records are set every quarter with numerous consequences for the environment, aviation safety and the capacity to handle all this traffic. This poses questions on issues like how to strategically develop the airport infrastructure. Questions on how to keep an acceptable level of aviation safety. This is putting more pressure on airports and air navigation service providers, as well on regulators. Social, economic and environmental issues have to be addressed in order to make the growth of the aviation sector more sustainable. To do so an open minded and transparent dialogue between the aviation industry, governments and other stakeholders is the only guarantee for success. Clear facts, profound knowledge and unambiguous communication help facilitate this dialogue and the development of new policy and regulations.

We at to70 believe that society’s growing demand for transport and mobility can be met in a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and economically viable manner. With this blog we hope to make a valuable contribution to the various conversations in the online aviation community about our environment, aviation safety and airport capacity. And of course we are also interested in your thoughts and ideas. So hopefully you will join the conversation!

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Ruud Ummels
Ruud Ummels
Having spent six years in the Asia-Pacific region, working for both airport operators, as well as aviation authorities and air navigation service providers, I have helped deliver significant traffic growth at airports such as Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai, Taipei, Sydney, Guangzhou and Manila. A partner at To70 since 2011, I also contributed in our international expansion by setting up offices in Bangkok, São Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore. In the last two years my focus has shifted back to Europe working on airport and airspace planning and optimisation projects and expanding our business to Belgium, Switzerland and the UK.
  • Mart Voorsluis
    Posted at 10:29h, 01 October Reply

    Congratulations with your new website: looks great!

    • To70
      Posted at 10:31h, 02 October Reply

      Thank you very much Mart, appreciate it!

  • Sebastiaan de Stigter
    Posted at 14:15h, 02 October Reply

    Congrats on you brand new website. Fresh, clean and great looking!

    With kind regards from Frankfurt,

    Sebastiaan de Stigter (To70 employee #10 back in 2006!)

    • To70
      Posted at 15:22h, 02 October Reply

      Thank you Sebastiaan, great to hear that you like it! Hope to hear from you again soon.

  • Ella Soltani
    Posted at 12:53h, 05 October Reply

    Congratulations on your new website. It looks great!
    I really like the new style. Good job and good luck To70 team.

    Best Regards,

    • To70
      Posted at 14:27h, 08 October Reply

      Thank you Ella! Come back anytime. We will be posting new blogs frequently!

  • krishi
    Posted at 10:44h, 10 October Reply

    Many congratulations…

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