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We recently expanded To70’s international network of consultants with a new European location in Belgium. The country has many of the same capacity challenges as the rest of Europe, and we believe having a foot on the ground in Belgium with both global experience and local knowledge means we can provide answers to the specific challenges in the Belgian aviation industry, just as we are doing globally.

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Global knowledge for the local market

Over the last months, we have been busy getting the new office up and running. It’s been a lot of work organising a new location while contributing to diverse international projects at the same time, but we also know it is exactly that international experience combined with local knowledge that means we can provide valuable solutions for clients in the Belgian aviation industry.

Of course, the key to this is To70’s core business of providing research, analysis and advice for all aspects of aviation. Airports, air navigation service providers and aviation authorities all face the same kinds of challenges, regardless of geographic location. Capacity problems, environmental challenges and operational process efficiency issues are all concerns that airports and air traffic management deal with the world over.

Belgium’s busy aviation industry

The To70 Belgium office has already been able to provide a range of expertise to the Belgian aviation industry. Some projects also extend beyond airport communities to industries that have a tangential relationship to aviation because of their impact. One of these is wind energy, which both affects and is affected by wind turbines’ proximity to airports and the flight paths of aircraft taking off or landing. Our experience with wind turbine aviation safety has helped us deliver careful, safe planning for wind parks in relation to approaching and departing aircraft.

Another area where we have built up strong global references is the (re)design of airspace for more efficient use of available capacity, as well as for aircraft noise nuisance mitigation. Belgium, like most European countries, has a crowded airspace and busy airports located in heavily populated areas. Our work studying, simulating and analysing flight paths and noise contours – and not to mention To70’s extensive experience with complex environmental and noise impact dossiers in the Netherlands and the sensitive dialogue with government and special-interest groups that goes along with that – puts To70 Belgium in an excellent position to assist with similar challenges in Belgium.

To70 Belgium: International network of local experience

Wim De Breucker and Kris De Bolle are both Belgian natives, and together they have nearly 50 years of experience in airport operations. Both are highly experienced in designing operational processes and performance-based operations for better efficiency.

The team also has experience implementing Airport-CDM at airports around the world, with a network of international aviation experts available at the push of a button. Want to meet the people at our Belgian office and find out more about the expertise of our entire global network? Then we invite you to get in touch (!

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