PRESS RELEASE – To70 Canada has a new Managing Director, Leo Robinson

We are delighted to announce that Leo Robinson is joining the company as Managing Director, To70 Canada. Inaugurated in 2019 with the objective to support aviation stakeholders on research and consultancy, facing the current and future aviation challenges.

Leo Robinson is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario and holds an Aerospace Engineering degree with minor in Business Sciences. Working across Canada, Leo managed major projects for airlines, airports, aviation software and hardware manufacturers. Leo has prior experience in air traffic control services, flight operations, certification of aeronautical products and airport management.

 “My top priority at To70 Aviation Canada is providing our clients across North America with outstanding research and consulting services, presenting data-driven insight and taking clients’ specific operating environment into consideration” says Leo Robinson. “We will identify opportunities for innovative development which will generate high ROI to our clients, and an improved travel experience for their customers. Key areas of study will be Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), airspace modernization, smart airports and environmental sustainability.” 

In addition, Leo is a licensed instrument private pilot and is completing his MSc. Engineering Management with a focus on High-Reliability Organizations from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Worldwide).

On his new role as Managing Director, Leo will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Canadian office and its continued growth, as well as its business development, project delivery, management of staff and the financial management of the company.

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2 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE – To70 Canada has a new Managing Director, Leo Robinson

  1. Old ideas are of little value when confronting the new challenges which are being presented by emerging technologies. Outstanding aviation professionals such as Leo, who are laser like focused on delineating the best path forward, are essential to establishing the foundation for the future of aviation. Time on the flight deck as a pilot, when complimented with time in the classroom as a dedicated student, has provided Leo with an enhanced comprehension of the true challenges of the aviation operating environment. Each of Leo’s accomplishments and experiences as an aviation professional has become a building stone in his fortress of aeronautical prowess, which has steadfastly equipped Leo to prevail and lead admirably in a very challenging industry.
    The aviation industry became stronger the day Leo joined it. I look forward to seeing Leo’s future achievements, and how they further enhance the sustainability, efficiency, and safety of aviation industry projects and operations.

    Ronald P. O’Brien MSOSM, BA, ATPL, AME M1/M2, A&P
    Civil Aviation University of China
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    Contract Aviation Human Factors Consultant and Project Coordinator

  2. Congratulations to Leo and the company who hired him! I have known Leo since he was 21 years old and have watched him progress through his career with pride!
    An excellent man in so many different aspects, much respect for him and his achievements!

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