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Airport Expansion: Progress First, Safety Always

Construction works in and around an operational airport creates hazards to aviation. The hazards are not always obvious to those who have not operated in an airport environment before, and they can be especially hard to manage during massive projects involving thousands of people. Early...

Fortaleza set to become a major hub for Brazil

Fortaleza Airport should see exponential growth as it becomes an important hub in the northeast of Brazil. The airport’s strategic location makes it a gateway to popular tourist beaches and the Amazon. Fraport, the airport’s new operator, is planning to invest heavily to meet air...

Navigating the politics of airport growth

Airport growth is increasingly limited by environmental restrictions. With the worldwide air traffic demand increasing, many of the world’s airports are reaching the limits of their environmental capacity. However, further development is often a political minefield. We think smart management of community relations can help. Pushing...