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Airport Emergency Planning: The Challenge of Limited Resources

Emergency exercises at airports can be a daunting task of stakeholder engagement, logistics, and most importantly resource management. This is especially the case at regional airports where operations, particularly in a COVID-19 world, are at a minimum with key airport staff often forced to wear...

Best Planned, Best Served

EUROCONTROL and many of the European airports that utilise Airport CDM have adopted the concept of ‘Best Planned, Best Served’ in their operational procedures for the airlines. The aim is to boost adherence to procedures and targets, yet few airports actively monitor and steer on...

Trusting Machine Learning in the Aviation Industry

A lot of data is collected in aviation and airport operations that is useful for algorithms and machine learning. Big data techniques for analysis and forecasting could increase efficiency in any number of industry objectives. Can the conservative and safety-conscious aviation industry trust machine learning?...