The challenges of aviation growth

Since a picture is worth a thousand words we have prepared this infographic on aviation growth. This infographic gives an overview of the current facts and figures at a single glance. Key elements are the growth in low cost carriers and the spectacular growth of Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. This poses new questions like; what will be the effect on our own airports, how can be accommodate this growth and what will be the environmental impact, both in aircraft noise as well as emissions?

The growing demand for air traffic creates new challenges for all those directly involved. How do we achieve the growth in an appropriate and responsible way? To70 is convinced that we, as a society, will be able to meet the future demand for air traffic by strategic airport planning. This requires foremost a sustainable integration of air operations in the surrounding area.

The challenges are clear; join us in the discussion how to find the answers. What do you think the biggest challenge in the growing aviation market will be?

The challenges of aviation growth

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