To70 Consultant Alexander Vanwelsenaere To Present Extended Arrival Manager Research Findings at ATM Seminar in Seattle

To70 consultant Alexander Vanwelsenaere will be attending the USA/Europe ATM Research & Development Seminar in Seattle later this month to present an academic paper based on his Master’s thesis, “Effect of Pop-Up Flights on the Extended Arrival Manager.” The paper he co-authored with professors Jacco Hoekstra and assistant professor Joost Ellerbroek of the Delft University of Technology, and Evert Westerveld of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, focuses on research regarding the effects of pop-up flights as disturbances to air traffic arrival management (AMAN) systems, particularly in the context of the Extended Arrival Manager (E-AMAN).

With airports being the main bottlenecks in the current aviation system, and exacerbated by most European air traffic being concentrated around busy hub airports, the E-AMAN system was developed as a way to improve arrival management by extending the horizon. Pop-up flights are flights that depart within the horizon of the AMAN, often triggering schedule revisions; they have been identified as one of the major disturbances to E-AMAN.

As part of the collaborative project between the Delft University of Technology and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, fast-time simulations were used to analyse the impact of pop-up flights. The simulations showed that pop-up flights certainly have a large negative impact on E-AMAN. Additional simulations were carried out to assess the possibility of mitigating that impact by means of pre-planning pop-up flights, the results of which Alexander will be presenting in detail in Seattle.

In addition to presenting this research paper, Alexander will be attending the full seminar programme in Seattle for To70. By staying up to date on the latest research and development information in the field of ATM, To70 is able to provide excellent knowledge and expertise of particular relevance to our clients around the world.

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