To70 Joins Wings for Aid Project Team

Wings for Aid 100-500 Mini Freighter

Aviation Consulting firm To70 has signed an agreement with the Wings for Aid Foundation to join its project team working on the development and implementation of its automated unmanned cargo aircraft for humanitarian aid.

Wings for Aid is working to develop the aircraft for aid supply in disaster-struck areas. The vehicle will have a mass of approximately 300 kilograms and will be able to carry a load of 100 kilograms divided into five packages of 20 kilograms each. The packages carrying blankets, food, medicine or even water can be drop-delivered at low aerial altitude. The system is designed to make these drops to different authorised GPS locations as programmed by an operator stationed at a relief base.

The Wings for Aid efforts are in response to the call from humanitarian aid organisations to speed innovation in this area. To70 will provide the project team with support in the field of airspace operations. This includes drafting a concept for operating unmanned aircraft in civilian airspace. To70 will also assist the project team with setting out the operational procedures that will be necessary when the Wings for Aid aircraft deploys into areas requiring humanitarian aid.

At the signing of the agreement, Managing Director of Wings for Aid, Barry Koperberg, and Managing Director of To70, Kjeld Vinkx, stated that they are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration. “To70 has the vision and expertise to help Wings for Aid achieve its goals,” said Barry Koperberg.

Planning is currently to develop the prototype this year, and to have a working prototype ready for field-testing in 2018.

Image Source “Wings for Aid 100-500 Mini Freighter”: VanBerlo

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