Tailored training solutions

Since our foundation in 2000, to70 has completed more than a thousand projects for numerous clients around the world. More and more, we are asked not only to provide expert advice to our clients but to train them as well. Therefor, to70 is exited to be able to offer a wide variety of trainings, workshops, lectures and e-learnings for a broad range of audiences.

Everyone, whatever their aviation related role is (Management, operations, engineering, analysts) and wherever they work (airport, airline, air navigation service provider or government), will need additional knowledge or capabilities at some point in their career.

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Training styles

  • Classroom Training
  • Interactive workshops
  • E-learning
  • Traditional lecturing

Available Trainings

Take a moment to look at the training that is currently available. Typically, courses will last a couple of days but we can offer flexible learning solutions that meet your needs. We can tailor the content of any course; by length, depth of knowledge required and desired delivery style to meet your teams’ training needs.

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An example to an e-learning (topic A-CDM) developed by us can be found here.


1. Safety reporting

2. Safety analysis

3. Just culture in aviation safety

4. Incident investigation

5. Safety evaluation for solar panel fields

6. Safety auditing in aviation

7. Safety assessments at aerodromes

8. Obstacle assessments

9. Aerodrome CNS safeguarding

10. Emergency management at airports

11. Air law and regulation of aerodromes

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1. Airport Collaborate Decision Making

2. Total Airport Operations Management

3. Passenger Experience

4. Airport, Runway, Taxiway, Apron planning and design (ICAO Annex 14)

5. PANS-OPS flight procedure design

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1. Airport environmental management and sustainable development

2. Noise and community relations

3. Managing local air quality

4. Climate change and greenhouse gas management

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1. Introduction to airport operations

2. Introduction to air traffic management

3. Introduction to airport master planning

4. Introduction to airport capacity

5. Airport and airspace simulation

6. Airspace and Flight path design – Processes

7. Airspace and Flight path design – PBN Implementation

8. Air Traffic Flow Management – Concepts

9. Air Traffic Flow Management – Operational implementation

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Is there a subject you would like training in that is missing from the list of courses offered? Contact us to see if we can develop a bespoke course for you.

You are always welcome to visit one of our offices, located around the world, for training. However, experience shows that travel costs and time away from the workplace are significant costs to business and therefore we are always happy to come to your location to deliver our courses.